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Hemp & Kawakawa Shampoo & Soap Bar

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A locally produced boutique bar with the healing power of Kawakawa & Organic Hemp Seed Oil, most suited to those with med-oily hair. Also, excellent added soothing from the Kawakawa, lovely for damaged or eczema prone skin. 🌿🧼✨ 

This may help your dandruff or dermatitis, it helped mine! I personally test all items before selling & only stock those I've found to be helpful with dreadlocks-related skin complaints. 💜

Saponified Ingredients:

  • Virgin Organic Olive Oil
  • Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil infused with Kawakawa
  • Organic Castor Oil
  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Dried and ground Kawakawa

Weight: ~80g

Pro-tip: Don't leave your soap bar soaking in water like in the bottom of the shower or bath. 🚿 As with any soap bar you should let it dry out after use, ideally on it's own little dish. You'll get many uses out of your soap bar that way. 😉